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Sparrow 24bit/192K DAC


Dimension : Width 159mm, height 42mm and depth 165mm.(With feet)

Price :  1. with USB input ( USB, Coax and TOSLINK)   -- HK$1970 ( local pick up price)

            2. SPDIF input ( Coax and TOSLINK)                -- HK$1750( local pick up price)


DAC-19 DSP version : The specialized DSP can suppress jitter for enhanced sonic performance.

DAC-19 DF version :


Dimension : 240mm x 80mm x 290mm

Price : DAC-19 DSP version : HK$5,300.00( local pick up price)

          DAC-19 DF version :    HK$3,950.00(local pick up price)

Note : DAC-19 uses DIR9001( lowest jitter receiver chip) for digital receiving thus the maximum input sampling rate is 96KHz.