Once again, we cannot resist to get high performance products  intro our product camp. Trends Audio is the most recent one.

We have observed Trends Audio products closely for quite a while. While they are on little boxes, all are real GREAT products. And most important of all, they can deliver music.

Without prejudice, they are now in One C Audio.

U-10 USB audio converter

There are more and more good quality audio DACs newly released. But, a good audio source is still difficult to find. Trends Audio developed the Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter, which works as an external sound card with various formats of digital output and decoded headphone output. It effectively isolated the serious interference from within the PC/Mac case. e.g. the high frequency data signals, the switching-mode power supply and the FAN motors, etc¡K.

On the other hand, Trends UD-10 upgrades your PC/Mac to be a hi-end audio source. Thanks to the excellent power supply handling, the high accuracy clock and the sophisticated digital output circuit, the Trends UD-10 makes your PC/Mac to behave as a high-end CD transport to work with an external DAC. Yet, the Trends UD-10 and PC/Mac combination provides better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players. (Remarks: computer hard disk is far superior to a CD player, no matter the speed, stability, error correction, jitter reduction. They are actually the technology of different eras.)

These are the four main uses for the Trends USB Audio Converter.

1. Audiophile USB Transport (provide a digital interface to connect to your own DAC)

2. External USB sound card for PC and Mac

3. PC/Mac USB Headphone Amplifier


The Trends UD-10 USB audio converter plugs into your PC or Mac's USB port and lets you connect your computer to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system easily, and with high sound quality.

We are offering a 3.5mm analogue output to connect directly to your amplifier, Trends UD-10 USB audio converter also offers a choice of optical, two electrical digital (phono and BNC) and a balanced digital output to connect to an existing DAC.

The Battery Charger kit is included with Trends UD-10 audio converter as a optional items and is highly recommended for the best sound quality giving the music a more spacious and airy presentation.



TA-10 Digital Amplifier

Trends Audio introduces the mini-size Class-T stereo amplifier TA-10 providing up to 2x15W output with the bundled AC power supply unit. Thanks to the Tripath's proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing (TM) technology and our special techniques in circuit design and component selection, TA-10 achieves the sound quality of high-end HiFi but in a very affordable price.

TA-10 performs very like Class-AB amplifiers with high fidelity and warm sound. Yet, its power efficiency and physical size is just like Class-D amplifiers. Even it's maximum output power is only 2x15W, TA-10 is actually powerful to push even the floor-stand speakers with sufficient and good control of bass sound. It has no problem for normal home use purpose.